Interested in Volunteering???

We need you for the Seattle Parrot Expo 2019!  

That's right, we are looking for volunteers to help us run the vast features that encompass The Seattle Parrot Expo.  Have bird experience?  You can help maintain the live bird area or work with Stage Management.  We are registered by United Way, so volunteering at Seattle Parrot Expo counts as community service.  Take pride in helping parrots help people!  Click here to sign up today!

Where we need help...

IF YOU VOLUNTEER, you get a free EVENT SHIRT that only volunteers and staff get!   We ask that you please let us know your phone number, email and shirt size.  You can send that information to or text us at 253-951-4452.  We ask to work a 4 hour shift for Flight Club Foundation to qualify for the benefits.  Thank you for thinking about helping!  

Here is a basic breakdown for the weekend in 2 hour intervals with a 4 hour shift:)


12-4pm:  Help unload trailers (2), Help tape down gym floor and measure it.  Help getting the vendor information on each table, help set up the Front Desk, help set up the store, the photo booth, raffle table, raffle items, auction items.

2-6pm:  Help with moving boxes and things to the Aviary Room, Speaker Room, Classroom.  Help set up Aviary, continue previous area work.  Help Exhibitors Unload to booth only, no booth set up.

4-8pm:  Help make sure the auction area, raffle area, photo booth area, bird cages are set up.  Commence decorating once building opens at 7.  At 7, help set up Parrot Games.

6-10pm:  Help with decorating, finishing all areas, storing things, cleaning things up for Saturday.

6PM Pizza Delivered!!!


7am-11am:  Assist Exhibitors to Unload only.  Establish who is greeting at doors first.  Set up the Speaker Registration table outside so guests can check in.  Debbie assist vet for check in.

9am-1pm:  Prepare for Expo opening, get area leads on headsets, maintain area people we need in the following areas:

           4 people in aviary area.

           4 people, 2 on Rec side, 2 on community center side, for door greeting.

           4 people at photo booth

           4 people at Games
           4 people at Front Desk/Store/Auction

           3-4 people at raffle.  4th person travelling to sell tickets.

           2 people at Speaker Registration Desk.

           4 Floats-- going where needed, but moving around.

11 until 3pm:  Make sure people shift areas.  Make sure everyone is okay.

1 until 5pm:  Final Shift, clean areas, Doors locked at 6pm.


9am-1pm:  Make sure areas are clean, animals have fresh papers, food and water.  Open.

11am-3pm:  Doors open at 11:00.  Same numbers of people at areas as Saturday.

11:30pm:  Everyone get out to see the parrots take off.

1pm-5pm:  Main operations end at 5, begin clean up and pack out at 5:10.

5pm-10pm:  Break down, Pack trailers, label boxes.  Help auction winners pay out.  Help raffle winners out.  Last minute shoppers out.  

6pm:  Spaghetti arrives.  

Must have entire building clear by 10pm.  

Thank you!!

Debbie Goodrich, Coordinator, Seattle Parrot Expo.

Please contact us below.  Our Volunteer Coordinators are Renee Landin and Dawn Anderson.  Their emails are linked to "contactus".  Thank you for considering helping Seattle Parrot Expo!  



Phone:     253-951-4452


Dr. James Boutette, DVM volunteered to check in all our animals at Seattle Parrot Expo!  Thank you so much for joining us Dr. Boutette!!  Extreme gratitude extends to Evergreen Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital!  

Dr. Boutette joined Evergreen Avian and Exotic in August of 2015. He is originally from Ontario, Canada and graduated from University of Tennessee’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. Dr. Boutette participated in an internship and residency in avian and exotic medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College and the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary College respectively. While a student, Dr. Boutette worked at the American Eagle Foundation and he has since sat on the board of directors of the Freedom Center for Wildlife in New Jersey. He also served as the primary veterinarian for two other wildlife rehabilitation and education centers in South Jersey and near Philadelphia. Dr. Boutette has pursued further education in aquatic medicine, undertaking an intensive course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts. He is an avid aquarist himself.

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