Opening this weekend!  Welcome to "2020 Vision Parrot Education" at Seattle Parrot Expo!  It's time to ask our friends, colleagues and corporate partners to help us "see" a bright future for parrots and parrot ownership!  REGISTER FOR SPONSORSHIP TODAY!

Sponsorship Levels Delinated through:  direct donation, advertisement payment,  auction or raffle donation or volunteer time.  All monetary donations are tax deductible!  EIN #35-2462010.

Spix Macaw Level 2020-  Value $1000 or more--  2019's Sponsors Listed.

Critically endangered, most revered parrot that inspired two movies--Rio and Rio2.  Contributions at this level equate the efforts to protect this critically endangered bird where over 100 now survive!

explore auburn logo.png

We are deeply humbled by our recent grant we received from the City of Auburn's Tourism center's "heads in beds" grant in 2019!  Their grant is helping us reach out to the Auburn community!  Stay tuned for our "Seattle Parrot Expo is coming" street signs, better directional signs, increased advertising budget and more!  We are excited to work with the City of Auburn and cannot thank Lorriane Chachere's coordinated efforts that help make this event possible.  

Dawn Anderson

The generous donation of Dawn Anderson lives on in 2019!  We cannot thank individual contributors enough who have helped make Seattle Parrot Expo a success each year.  Not only has she contributed financially to bringing out international experts in 2018, but continues contribution by helping at events and with our board. Thank you for being there for us!  


 Kaytee supports many community needs from products to education to emergency response where needed.  If you want to know if Kaytee products and company cares about you and your pet, we can say for certain they provide funding not only for products for pets, but assistance in disasters, assistance in community programs like Seattle Parrot Expo and supports many rescues and sanctuaries around the United States in donated food products. We cannot thank Kaytee enough for generously sponsoring the Expo 6 years in a row!  


Returning for both days at Seattle Parrot Expo 2019, Debbie Dollittles has new surprises in store for us!  This year, we are featuring mammals from South America and Australia!  ! Our friends at Debbie Doolittle's IndoorAnimal Adventures will be demonstrating their animals next to the Photo Booth in the Exhibitors Hall!    They donated two full days of free admission to their zoo animals!  You never know what you are going to find at Seattle Parrot Expo!  Visit their website at INDOORPETTINGZOO.COM

Ellen Lane

Not only has Ellen Donated over $200 in jewelry, but she is an annual member donor, has paid for plane tickets, has donated hundreds of hours of time at all of our events.  Not to mention the 48 hours straight working the Seattle Parrot Expo program each year.  Thank you so much for all that you do to keep Flight Club Foundation flying!

Chris Armstrong

Chris donated his Free Flight Macaw Demonstration fee to Flight Club Foundation's amazing Seattle Parrot Expo event.  We cannot thank him enough for bringing his beautiful birds to share their skills with all of us.  This is a tremendous donation as the time it takes to train these birds to accomplish Free Flight in varied environments is huge.  Cannot wait to see a great display on Sunday at 11:30.  Be sure to get there at 11 to not miss out!

Golden Conure Level 2020-  Value $425 or more.  2019 Sponsors Listed

Once critically endangered, this species rebounded so well, CITES has lowered their endangered status to threatened.    Contributions at this level equate to the lasting success of this species.

Dr. Bridgette Ferguson, DVM, ABVP-Avian.

Dr. Ferguson generously helps many of our local rescue groups, offers veterinary advice in emergency situations, and has aided Flight Club Foundation with all the medical questions we have in our social work with parrots.  Dr. Ferguson is our Veterinary Advisor on the Flight Club Foundation Board.  We are forever grateful for her wisdom, willingness to help and commitment to people and parrots alike.  For more info on Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital, Visit:  www.pinetreeveterinaryhospital.com

Lory League proudly supports Seattle Parrot Expo every year through their wonderful multi-parrot species display next to our Featured Speakers.  This year, Lory League is proud to announce further sponsorship and matching funds from Boeing!   We cannot thank Lory League enough for the work it takes to support our event!  This team is worth investing in!

LoryLeague.org is a pro-Aviculture group sharing information about Lories and related topics.  Membership includes:  Breeders, Pet Owners, Exhibitors, Zoo Keepers, Educators and Trainers.  We host and participate in Pet Expos, Conventions and Judged shows across the country.  Lory League promotes animal welfare, and creating beautiful relationships for people and their birds in their national bird show competitions they help organize.  Champions and Novice Exhibitions welcome and we host the Experienced Show Team. 



logo (2).jpg

Renee Landin

As we have been told numerous times, "Everyone needs a Renee".  She is the hardest working person I have ever met.  Extremely honest and generous.  Works hard to make things right.  She has done to nearly every event we go to, spending hours of volunteer time, including donating the entire weekend to ensuring the aviary and volunteers do well.  We cannot thank her enough

Ron Jellum helped us build a house for Renee this year on top of donating hudreds of stuffed animals to one of the many sanctuaries we support, Mollywood, this past December.  He was a huge help in the success of our Garage Sale Fundraiser and even helped build a float that won Best in Show!   In addition to securing a $500 anonymous donation for the 2nd year in a row!  This guy is amazing!  Be sure to thank him!

Ron Jellum

Erica Max

Erica Max has become a Flight Club Icon especially at our PACNWRS events.  She gets there, gets right down to business and smiles with tons of information the whole way through.  She has trained her many ringnecks to go to just about anyone and drives HOURS to go to our shows from way up north.  She is also dedicating her entire weekend to Seattle Parrot Expo!  The value of that is priceless!  

Indonesian Parrot Project is donating an entire CASE of wine to be delivered TO YOU as a part of your auction donation!  WOW!  Bonnie Zimmerman works at Rutherford Grove Winery, a legacy winery that has been in the Napa Valley since 1892.  One bottle of this 100% Cabernet Sauvignon is valued at $85!!  The overall value of this donation is worth over $700!  We hope whoever wins this enjoys the real, vintage taste this wine offers!  

Blue Fronted Amazon Level 2020--$250 and higher.  2019 Sponsors Listed

Blue Fronted Amazons are bold, colorful parrots that sing across the forests of Central America.  Facing overwhelming odds in remaining wild, contributions at this level equate the team building required for success.

Hagen foods has not only donated food for our raffles, but is also donating sample giveaways AND is sending Melanie Allen to Seattle Parrot Expo to explain the amoutns of research that goes into this amazing food product.  Be sure to stock up at Kiko's Toy Chest at the Seattle Parrot Expo as well.


Named after Dewdrop, their Parrot, DewDrops Perch produces handmade vinyl signs, rustic decor, animal decor and more!  They have saved us hundreds of dollars on our Tshirt design!  They come up with awesome sayings for shirts, decor for the home and more!  All done by a wonderful couple, Briana and Raul.  Check out their full product line  at:


dewdropsperch logo..jpg

ZuPreem is a staple diet for MANY of the birds who participate in Fly Days and with Flight Club Founders! 

ZuPreem provides a safe, overall diet that is great to give to your birds to ensure they receive a balanced diet.  ZuPreem also donates thousands of dollars worth of food to sanctuaries and shelters globally on regular basis.  We are honored Zupreem supported Seattle Parrot Expo 2019 with food donations! 



Kiko's Toy Chest has been an amazing supporter of Seattle Parrot Expo this year!  Not only have they closed their doors to join us for the Expo this weekend, but they also are donating $250 value in toys to Seattle Parrot Expo this year.  They offer a great variety of cages, food and birds for sale at their store.  No birds will be for sale at the Expo.  Come check out Sarge, their military macaw, in our Exhibitor's Hall!  

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Volkman Seed Company has continuously supported Seattle Parrot Expo for over 3 years between donating funding directly to our budget.  They also provide information and quality seed products for all species of animals.  We are honored they are sharing their time with us as a booth and are donating THEIR ENTIRE TABLE OF FOOD for our auction!  So be sure to bid if you want the Lions' Share!  


EVERGREEN AVIAN AND EXOTIC ANIMAL HOSPITAL has general donated our veterinary check in on Saturday for all animals joining us at Seattle Parrot Expo.  The Clinician donating his time for us this year is Dr. James Boutette, DVM.  Check in for all animals present for the entire weekend is Saturday, September 28th from 8-10am.  If your animal is not checked in by that time, they will not be allowed at the Expo.  We cannot expressly thank enough the tremendous effort it will take Dr. Boutette to join us as he heads out with many of our veterinary experts later that day to Exoticscon, the largest exotic veterinary conference in the United States. 

Leather Elves is owned by renown behaviorist and enrichment specialist, Robin Shewokis, who travels internationally assisting zoos, veterinarians and owners on how to better care for many species of animals.  Leather Elves produces a wide variety of leather and wood toys highly enjoyed by parrots of all sizes and ages.  They have generously donated toys and money for an ad in our program!  Be sure to check out her toys at Kiko's Toy Chest!  


National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation (NPRPF) donated one of their

registrations to the 2020 NPRPF Parrot Festival valued at $165!  Parrot Festival is  the greatest parrot party we have in the United States, so we hope you bid on this amazing opportunity at our Silent Auction!  NPRPF is a federal 501 c(3) rescue and educational organization helping people and parrots across the world.  We are proud to be affiliated with them!

The American Federation of Aviculture works hard to keep parrots as pets in the United States legal.  They organize the longest running Avian Education Program in the United States, the AFA Convention.  Coming to UTAH in 2020, we hope you bid on two registrations to join them next year!  AFA is a 501 c(3) nonprofit organization benefitting aviculture, aviculturists and owners across the world.  We are proud to be affiliated with them!  

Erica Ospina is a busy lady!  2 jobs, 2 kids, going to school and more!  As with all of us who dedicate a lot of time to Flight Club, it takes a lot of effort to find a way to get there and do it!  Sometimes she could not  be there, but her birds were!  She joined us at the parade, drove every day to the SW Washington Fair and is commited to joining us Saturday and Sunday at Seattle Parrot Expo!  Be sure to thank her when you see her!

Erica Ospina

Black Capped Caique Level 2020--$175 and higher.  2019 Sponsors Listed.

Black Capped Caiques know how to have fun.  They play more than any other parrot species.  Wrestling, hopping, and more.  A black Caique level sponsorship represents the energy needed to keep a great thing going.


has graciously donated additional funding for Seattle Parrot Expo!  We are looking forward to meeting this great group of people working hard to inform the public how there is a major rainforest right here in WA State, the Olympic Penninsula!  

Value Village offers Nonprofit Organizations an opportunity to raise funds through the collection of clothing and small items.  This year, your donation of clothing awarded Flight Club Foundation with $184 from Value Village!  Thank you everyone who contributed to make this happen and for Value Village for helping nonprofits fundraise!  

The Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine has graciously donated a wonderful basket for our Raffle!  Each year, their basket has been one of the best ones with lots of tickets put in!  Inside it is a FREE MEDICAL EXAM!  This year, our friends at CBEAM are joining the many vets going to Exoticscon for their continuing education.  We wish them the best on their adventure and can't wait to see them back in 2020!

Greenwing Macaw Level 2020--$50 and up.  2019 Sponsors Listed.

Found throughout S. America, this species has the widest range of all the large macaws.  Our symbol, mascot and largest representation of species aiding FCF.  Your contribution equates these values.

The Quaker Parakeet Society provided Seattle Parrot Expo with two generous donations!  One from one of their dedicated members and Featured Speaker at Seattle Parrot Expo, Dr. Patricia Anderson.  They also paid for a full page ad in our program.  It's important to know that Quaker Parrots are found in 23 states of the United States and have yet to be proven to be agricultural pests or invasive to native flora and fauna.

Melissa Davis

Melissa Davis is a dedicated Flight Club Member who makes sure to go to both of our locations as much as possible.  No one else goes to as many Fly Days at this juncture as she does.  For that, she is on our program and website for not only going but donating her hand made toys to our Birdy Raffle Baskets!  Thank you Meiissa (and Zorro).  

Higgins Premium Pet Foods is committed to providing companion birds and small animals with the highest quality foods and treats made without the use of artificial colors, preservatives and flavorings. We are strongly dedicated to building and maintaining relationships with pet parents built on trust, by making the complete health and well-being of their pets our primary goal.


Parrot Pockets has graciously donated Pockets for each one of our Birdy Basket items.  We have three birdy baskets we create from the myriads of donations from our sponsors:  A Large, Medium and Small Basket.  One of each is drawn at the end of each day!  We hope you win!  Thank you Parrot Pockets. 

Inca's Secret in Kent is an amazing parrot-based store that sells all kinds of food, toys, and cutest baby parrots ever!  Lisa Brandmeier herself assists people with behavior issues, birds when they fly off, and so much more connection to the community.  We are very excited she can join us this year as she closes her doors for the weekend to celebrate parrots at the Expo.  We are thankful she donated an ad for our program!  

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