Bonnie Zimmerman,


Here are our 2019 Featured Speakers!

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Dr. Patricia Anderson, PhD

Western Illinois University


Join Dr. Anderson in a lively two-day discussion about the importance of the Human-Avian Bond and training parrots to do amazing things like OZZIE in the video!  You, too, can be an amazing animal trainer!  Dr. Anderson's work in Anthrozoology will help all of us better understand how important our relationship is with the animals we love!  Have fun learning how to teach and teaching how to learn on Day 1 and then, on Day 2, discover the scientific work she is doing researching the Human-Avian Bond!

Robin Shewokis

Leather Elves

Robin Shewokis with Kaka.jpg

Robin Shewokis is Past-President of IAATE, Team Member of All Species Consulting, Published Author and owner of Leather Elves, Robin has travelled the world speaking about and specializing in how Parrots Enrich People!  (and people enrich parrots!) . She is joining Seattle Parrot Expo to Enrich People and Parrots Alike on Day 1 and then discussing How to Get Your Bird Back on Day 2!  

Bonnie Zimmerman,

Indoensian Parrot Project

Bonnie Zimmerman Returns to Seattle Parrot Expo presenting the Northwest Premiere of the documentary "Indonesian Parrot Project"!!  We don't want you to miss out on the newest, latest information on how we are making signficant differences to the parrots and people of Indonesia!  Come visit them at their table as well to pick up a cuddly cockatoo!

Chris Armstrong,

Flying Colors Aviary

Chris Armstrong has been freeflying parrots for a number of years from Florida to Utah.  He has been featured on Bird Tricks and Birb Observer.  He has helped managed the annual gathering of free flying parrots in Moab Utah along with Susan Hilliard. He will be discussing/teaching the various ways of training recall in parrots on Day 1.  On Day 2, will demonstrate his freeflying friends across Les Gove Park!

Dana McDonald,

Puget Sound Wildcare


Dana McDonald is one of our area's leading training experts and Teaching Assistants for Living and Learning with Animals taught by Dr. Susan Friedman.  She has trained and travelled to nearly every training institution for workshops, seminars and more:  Natural Encounters, Incorporated, Avian Behavior International, Cockatoo Downs, ORCA, the Art and Science of Animal Training and more.  She will be presenting Fancy the Educational Crow for peole to learn more about crow behavior and how we learn through nature and natural connections.  

Debbie Goodrich, 

Parrot Ambassadors

Debbie Goodrich of Parrot Ambassadors will showcase 3 of her parrots doing interactive behaviors in a show designed for everyone to learn the importance of parrots and relationships with people.  Debbie has her degree in Psychobiology, is a certified Parrot Behavior Consultant through IAABC.  Take a look at flying, skating, talking parrots!

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