Bonnie Zimmerman,


Here are our 2020 Featured Speakers!

Support our Speakers and REGISTER TODAY!  Limited Seating!  Register for the weekend and enjoy lunch on us!  This year, we are giving more time for shopping, exploring and asking questions between sessions!

Jennifer Cuhna

My Reading Pets

Jennifer Cuhna of My Reading Pets joins Seattle Parrot Expo's 2020 Vision for Parrot Education. Her work online has been a sensation on how to teach contigency behavior.  In addition to teaching parrots basic word groups and functions such as drawing techniques.  We are excited to share her work with you over the course of two days.  First, learn how to teach parrots how to learn YES/NO as a workshop.  Then, on Day 2, discover the work she has been teaching parrots and people alike!

Hillary Hankey

Avian Behavior International


Hillary Hankey provides a myriad of activities at her facilities in California.  She has trained and worked with many professional shows including Disney and with NEI over the years.  She specializes in training all avians at Avian Behavior International and has helped people, parrots and more realize and accomplish goals never considered before.  We hope you enjoy her two-day stay with us sharing training tools and behavior information on how to help people and parrots alike.  

Dr. Alicia McLaughlin DVM,

The Center for Bird and

Exotic Animal Medicine


Dr. Alicia McLaughlin DVM returns to Seattle Parrot Expo 2020!  She has a lot to share about her newest work in Veterinary Medicine that focuses on Behavior!  She believes in Force Free Training for Veterinary Procedures and will be introducing Veterinary Behaviorists as an industry at Seattle Parrot Expo!

Debbie Goodrich, 

Parrot Ambassadors

Debbie Goodrich of Parrot Ambassadors will showcase 3 of her parrots doing interactive behaviors in a show designed for everyone to learn the importance of parrots and relationships with people.  Debbie has her degree in Psychobiology, is a certified Parrot Behavior Consultant through IAABC.  Take a look at flying, skating, talking parrots!

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