Education, Interaction, Activity for ALL

Education, Interaction, Activity for ALL

Petting Zoo, Sugar Gliders, and Palm Cockatoo!

Take a walk on the WILD SIDE!  As you walk into Seattle Parrot Expo, the first fun animal you will meet are Sugar Gliders or maybe a members parrot!  Come inside the Exhititon hall to play with the South American and Australian Mammals at Debbie Doolittle's Indoor Petting Zoo for FREE.  Be sure to stop by Prince Ele Ele, a very rare parrot, the Palm Cockatoo.  Just be sure to share your pictures at #SeattleParrotExpo! We are on instagram and FB and love your photos!

Indoor Aviary by Lory League

Come see over a dozen different live parrots on display.   Rare parrots in aviculture on display:  Hawkheaded Parrot, Lories, Galah, Amazons and more!  Over 30 feet wide and 30 feet long!  Room for all to explore and ask questions.  Take beautiful head shots.  No parrots to be handled in this area.  They love it when you talk to them.  Who knows, perhaps one will talk back to you! 

Parrot Tales by Russ Campbell

Master Story-Teller, Russ Campbell will bring several stories to life through fun interpretation of children's books featuring parrots!  Fun visual aids, interactive props and LIVE PARROTS will join each story time that features the very parrot in the book!  Snuggle with a fun parrot toy, too.  Be sure to check out our full Parrot Library in Classroom A by the Walk Through Aviary!

Professional Parrot Photo Booth

Want to hold a parrot at Seattle Parrot Expo?  Here is your chance!  It takes a lot of training for parrots to accept strangers handling them.  Reward their amazing efforts with your donation of $2.00 to hold them or $5.00 to take home a souvenir, framed and printed photo!  -LIGHTS! CAMERA!  FUN!

Parrot Performances by Parrot Ambassadors

Rollerskating, Basketball Playing, Talking Parrots will perform:
Saturday, September 28th at 3:15pm
Sunday, September 29th at 3:15pm
This is a registered event in our Featured Speakers Room.  We are asking for a $2.00 donation at the door or register in advance.  Advance registration guarantees a seat:


Midway Games designed around Parrot Themes!  Not just for KIDS, we encourage every Parrot Enthusiast to challenge their dexterity, challenge their balance, and test their patience!  Everyone walks away a WINNER!  PLAY ANY GAME FOR $1.00 or MAXIMIZE your challenge and PLAY ALL THE GAMES for a GAME CARD at $5.00!  OR GET A WRISTBAND WHICH INCLUDES LUNCH FOR ONLY $10!

In this game, strap on a pair of parrot feet and walk a crazy line.  Object of the game:  make it to the finish line without touching the long toes. 

Blindfold and spin around!  Can you put the tail where it belongs?  We have kites for small and big people alike!  Take up the challenge!  Good luck! 

Why are Birds So Angry?  Because the Pigs stole their Eggs!  Using three Angry Birds, toss at pig cups for total annihilation!  

Using a grabber like a parrot and try to grasp "food" as if you are foraging like a parrot!  Object of the game:  pull out at least 3 of 10 objects in 1 minute.  

Do you know where an allula is on a parrot?  Toss a Bean Bag at it and find out where it is!  Get all 5 bean bags in the correct parts to win!

Cassie the CAIQUE is a parrot that plays basketball, parrot style!  Challenge-- hold the ball with your elbows while hopping to score the goal!


Once you win your game, come visit our PRIZE TABLES to take a chance and spin from a choice of prizes you can win!  Two prize tables.  Maximum one prize per game!  

All Day game pass includes lunch--$10!  

Play All Games as often as you want, all day long.  Only one prize per table.

EVERYONE's a WINNER--all kinds of Treasure!


We have several ways for you to win ALL WEEKEND LONG! Raffle Tickets are good at:

  • Raffle Table Items in the Exhibitors Hall at the End of Each Day!

  • Draw from our Chest of Treasure Eggs!  WIN INSTANTLY.  What can you get?  Something as cool as a shopping spree to something as simple as candy.  You NEVER KNOW!  It's a mystery!  All kinds of prizes inside from game cards to more raffle's up to you to find it!

  • Participate in our Scavenger Hunt and get one FREE RAFFLE TICKET in addition to whatever your hunt might find!  


$2.00........1 ticket

$5.00........3 tickets

$10.00.....7 tickets

$20.00.....20 tickets

Featured Speakers


Jennifer Cuhna


Hillary Hankey


Dr. Alicia McLaughlin DVM



Don't forget that we offer all kinds of donated worksheets, educational factoids, crafts, and more from our sponsors!  


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