2020 Exhibitor Registration opens January 24, 2020!

Welcome to "20/20 Vision".  Bringing a clear future for parrots and people alike!  The largest, last parrot-centered event of the entire pacific Northwest!  We are looking for Exhibitors to join our vision! 

REGISTER EARLY to get on our website SOONER for more ADVERTISING!  All registrations and payments due AUGUST 25th, 2020!  No Exceptions!

No animals allowed in except those seen by our veterinarian. 

Congratulations, Sandy J Toys for being our first 2020 Exhibitor!  

Sandy J Toys

We are excited for Sandy J Toys, who, once more, achieved the goal of FIRST TO REGISTER in 2020!  Sandy J Toys focuses on small bird toys and enrichment items from handmade toys to fun sprigs of Bamboo for your parrots' playing fun!  Check out what they have to offer.  

2019 Exhibitors

One Earth Conservation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that seeks to heal human systems that diminish individual worth and separates humans artificially from the rest of nature in many ways. We affirm that people must be healthy and develop multiple intelligences so all of life, individuals, and human and biotic systems on Earth can flourish.

The mission of One Earth Conservation is building knowledge, motivation, resilience, and capacity in people, organizations, and communities in the United States and internationally so that they can better cherish and nurture themselves, nature, and other beings. This mission is achieved by combining work directed outward toward other beings and outward towards naturewith work directed inward toward one's own human nature, as outer well-being and inner well-being are inseparable and mutually beneficial.


We are a group of individuals who share a passion for our feathered friends. We are dedicated to education, preservation, conservation and the well being of our companion birds.

We meet the second Sunday of every month at 1:30 pm at Silverdale Grange Hall,

12535 Clear Creek Rd NW,

Silverdale, WA

Meeting topics vary, but in general deal with the health, nutrition, behavior and enrichment of our birds,... large or small. Please join us for a meeting or two and see if we're what you're looking for.

Briana and Raul of Dewdrop's Perch, are an amazing couple who's art and unique messaging has created a magical and creative vinyl sign making and lip balm company.  They have been all the rave at many Farmers Markets around the Puget Sound area from the Auburn Farmer's Market to Puyallup and now have been invited to one of the largest wedding events in Seattle later in the year.  You just can't pass up great things made by great people!  Be sure to check out Midori and Wallace, their parrots, when you stop by their booth!  Don't forget, Christmas is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!  

Conservation made simple.png

Conservation Made Simple is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose goal is to empower people to acknowledge and reduce their environmental impact. We believe that it is possible for anyone to change the environment in a positive way. Today, the Conservation Made Simple team reaches out to people through social media and our programs and projects to inspire individuals, communities, and businesses to build a planet that will thrive.

The method by which this mission occurs are currently in three different programs we have to offer.  Firstly, is Visual Ballads, the photojournalism perspective of the impact of climate change in the Olympic National Park through singular, non invasive photography.  Secondly is through Educational Outreach programs in Elementary Schools to understand the food web of the Pacific Northwest and also developing field support and projects for  Universities such as Oregon State University.  Lastly is by participating as a part of the SEE program encouraging communities to learn about local ecosystems.  

Kiko's Toy Chest returns to Seattle Parrot Expo featuring homemade toys from large birds to small.  Kiko's Toy Chest also distributes Hagen Foods exclusively in our area. Be sure to continue visiting Kiko's Toy Chest any time after Seattle Parrot Expo at:

6404 Waller Rd. E #B

Tacoma, Washington 98443.  

In addition to great toys for birds, they feature adoptions, baby birds, grooming services, boarding and more!


Handmade greeting cards, etched glassware and handmade chocolates all depicting animals, nature and mythical themes. For the cards, a variety of scrapbooking papers, bling, card toppers and techniques are used -- these are not your average scrapbooking greeting cards! Cross Stitch greeting cards done by hand are also available. For etched glassware, the etching is by etching paste method. Our Milk, Dark and White Chocolates are Celiac safe, and egg, peanut and tree nut free. Themes for the glassware and chocolates are same as for the greeting cards. Chocolate truffles also available.  CHECK OUT THE CHOCOLATE PARROTS!!!!  


Felts of Fancy showcases the most adorable "pets" you could ever take home!  Dragons, parrots and more will be joining us for the first time at Seattle Parrot Expo.  Do you have a favorite pet, animal that you would like her to make for you?  She is up to the challenge to recreate your favorite!  Great CHRISTMAS ideas!!  


Frozen Muzic Antiques

Unfortunately, due to Family Circumstances, They will not be able to attend the 2019 Expo.


Parrot Ambassadors have delighted audiences of all ages across the Puget Sound region since 2001!  Experience the ultimate joy of seeing parrots perform because they love to be there with you skating, flying, talking and sharing their vision and needs.  Parrot Ambassadors has been the primary sponsor of Seattle Parrot Expo since inception donating thousands in materials and funding annually.  We hope you will enjoy the Featured Speakers we have each year.  Be sure to check out our show at 3:15pm on Saturday and Sunday!  Or say hi to one of our birds at the Flight Club Photo Booth!    


Fresh, organic food delivered right to your door for you or your parrots' needs!  Wendell Berry said it best when he said that “eating is an agricultural act.” Our mission is to change the food system by providing a healthy, fresh alternative to industrial food. Large-scale agriculture often uses pesticides, herbicides, genetic modification and employs risky monoculture practices. Fresh, organic produce tastes better, is brimming with nutrients, and preserves our soil, our water and the entire ecosystem. That's why Full Circle fills every box with food that's real and genuine. Come to one of our farm events, we’d love to shake your hand and say thanks.


The Indonesian Parrot Project has been helping rehabilitate, release and restore the native flora and fauna of Seram, Indonesia.  They are responsible for critical elements for the protection of Indonesian Parrot Species.  The work of Bonnie Zimmerman and the Indonesian Parrot Project crew has shed light on the illegal trapping /wildlife trade in Indonesia.  They have addressed how communities can work sustainably with their environment vs. the catastrophic affects of the Palm Oil industry and have participated in one of a kind experiences for all to enjoy.  


Globally supporting the avian community - veterinarians, breeders, rescues, wild parrot conservation, and pet parents.

We are passionate bird people.


Weregeek Comic is an amazing artist who creates beautiful digital

and live art.  Alina Pete, the artist, is coming to Seattle Parrot Expo from British Columbia, Canda!  We are excited to see her amazing work first hand!  Alina was born and raised in SaskatoonSaskatchewan. To survive the harsh Canadian winters, she took to doodling funny animals on any available surface in her feeble attempts to stay warm. After high school, Alina took classical animation courses and went to the University of Saskatchewan in pursuit of her BFA (which remains uncompleted). She followed this up with a 3-D animation certificate, just for good measure. Alina is a firm believer in overkill.

Sandy perch sandy logo.png

Parrotopia and Sandy Perch have been making great parrot perches for a number of years.  Their product was featured on the Martha Stewart show!  Great foot conditioning for parrots with Sandy Perch and enrichment opportunities with their ISLAND WOOD play stands!  Not only do they feature great parrot products, but even fun doggy beds, too!  Be sure to check out their full line of toys and stands at their booth at Seattle Parrot Expo!

We are a team of caring people who have a crazy love for parrots! 

Always learning, we strive to educate the general public about these amazing creatures.  Companion animals for life, parrots are so very often misunderstood.  There is a lot of time, care and devotion into enhancing your life with often more than one parrot.  They aren't just a pet, they are companions who, when cared for properly, can literally stay with us our entire lives. 


We can work with you to help you decide if a parrot is right for you.  We aren't here to just "make the sale".  We are about the birds and helping to ensure their happiness.  We are a Tax Accountant, a Bookkeeper, a loving Foster Mom, a learning Caretaker, and loaded with gratitude with all of our helpers and donators!

It takes a mountain of work to clean, play with, educate the public and care for these parrots all while also strangely enough doing taxes and accounting.  We are a wealth of reference for you, and will assure you we also learn from our supporters, too!

Brewganic Coffee returns to Seattle Parrot Expo.  Having travelled and helped around the South King County Region for 2 years, Brewganic is back and better than ever!  Come early to Seattle Parrot Expo and get some of the best, locally roasted coffee around and a few sweets, too.

Brewganic is a small family owned company that started in Federal Way WA. Our goal is to provide a variety of locally sourced, organic and fresh roasted coffee to the diverse people of Washington!

Along with our fresh coffee deliveries, we also operate a cool coffee cart that can be found at the Kent and Auburn Farmers Market this summer of 2019! This fun idea came from our love for great coffee and our belief in bringing the community together, one cup of coffee at a time. 

​New to Seattle Parrot Expo 2019!  It's time to keep your shoulder clean and poop free as you let your parrot spend time with you and your family!  

Bev's Birds Boutique offers unique "Flypers" that help keep you more hygenic and poop free.  Their products have many recommendations by avian veterinarians.  

Their products are designed with FLIGHT in mind.  In addition, they have fun costumes for your bird as well.  Not limitied to just parrots!  Be sure to come check them out!


Back by Popular Demand from Seattle Parrot Expo 2017, Athena's Food Trucks serve authentic Greek cuisine throughout Western Washington.  Come check out their service inside the Expo at our Kitchen area.  They will be serving Lamb, Beef or Garlic Chicken Sandwhiches with specials like a Greek Philly.  They also will serve salad for our vegan friends.  You just cannot miss on getting your favorite Falafel!  Their truck, bright and beautiful, will be parked near the park to advertise them being there, but be sure to step into the kitchen to get your food at Seattle Parrot Expo!


The goal for all involved at the rescue-sanctuary is that all companions who come to us, to be able to have the chance at being in the best nurturing environment that can be provided.  Giving them time to learn to trust, have their medical needs meet and to be evaluated, to find out what kind of a home would be best suited for them.  For those who would be unable to make the transition into a home life environment, we would like to have the facilities set up to allow them to reside at Everlasting Hope Rescue-Sanctuary for as long as they need.  


Every companion who comes to Everlasting Hope Rescue-Sanctuary is treated with the utmost respect, compassion, dignity and care.  Having a wonderful team of supporters, volunteers and board members and the best vet ever, will help us achieve giving the very best to those who depend on us. We believe that making a difference is the most important part of running a rescue-sanctuary.  

 New To Seattle Parrot Expo, Dan at West Wind Tie-Dye Company was once based in TX and now right here in the PNW!  He has promised our crew some cool tie-dyes that have parrot colors!  Let's see what he comes up with!

Seems like yesterday that we started up our little art business, but now  we've set up our tie dyes at music festivals and street fairs in the Pacific Northwest, California, Arizona, Texas, and Montana for 25 years.

We look forward to another couple decades of peace, love, and tie-dye with all our kind friends-- those who've shared our path all along and those we're yet to meet. We are here because of you and we're ready to fill your every tie-dye need

2015-10-04 09.51.45_small.jpg

Spoiled Bird Toys

We are excited to announce that Sally Musolino is back at a Parrot Expo.  Not just a Parrot Expo, but at Seattle Parrot Expo!  She joined us in 2013, our opening year with beautiful manzanita stands!  They are coming back at Seattle Parrot Expo 2019!  Sally is a devoted, loving mom to her two macaws and amazon at home.  She loves coming to Expos and makes toys for Kiko's Toy Chest.  Welcome BACK!!  

Joining Seattle Parrot Expo as an exclusive FEATURE of Seattle Parrot Expo!  This year, 

we have invited mammals from S. America and Australia, two native continents where you can also find parrots!  Come play with Cute Patagonian Mara, Armadillo, and Kangaroos and Wallaby... Debbie Doolittle is inviting everyone to come play with their animals FOR FREE at Seattle Parrot Expo.  We encourage you to visit their Animal Experience Facility in Spanaway.  They now feature tours of their farm!  Call anytime:  253-539-5011 or visit their website for details!




Bob and Carol Dawson, along with their kids, have been caring for birds and other animals for over 20 years. In 1993 they raised cranes and ducks on acreage in Kirkland, but as they transitioned into caring for parrots, they realized they needed a larger area. They purchased a twenty-plus acre parcel in Carnation - grounds which have now been transformed in the manner of an arboretum.

    The work done by the Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary is needed 365 days a year, rain or shine, and now provides shelter for over 600 birds.


Joining us for the first time at Seattle Parrot Expo 2019, Saqura Raybuck and Prince Ele Ele, a rare Palm Cockatoo will educate the public all about the rare Palm Cockatoo.  There are very few Palm Cockatoos in this state.  It is guessed to be no more than 20.  We are very fortunate to have an amazing display showcasing a rare parrot!  Learn what they need when they live with us and most importantly what they need to continue to survive in Australia.  

Saqra is a professional belly dancer (as is our Secretary, Sian), so be sure to ask about life as a belly dancer too!  



Tony Marlow of Little Bits Sugar Bears, educates, breeds and sells Sugar Gliders, a South Pacific, nocturnal marsupial.  The sales of most Sugar Gliders in the United States is under the tradename Sugar Bears.  Sugar Gliders are very amazing animals that like to spend time snuggling with you during the day and at night can almost fly across a living room!  They are unique creatures that have all kinds of important and specialized dietary needs.  Little Bits Sugar Bears are showcasing these interesting mammals that have a direct connection to parrots.  Be sure to ask what that connection is at Seattle Parrot Expo!

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